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IPH's annual career guidance conference has successful personalities from varied fields talk about their careers and their journey to success with students and parents. Each VEDH is built around a particular theme and relies on the principle of vicarious learning. Through VEDH, students and parents are exposed to a wide range of
career options which they may otherwise not know.
Yashyachya gavi jata jata,
 Shist ani niyojan,
vedh -11,Thane
 Srujanshilata aani sarjanshilata,
Vedh 11, Pune
 Yash ani Apayash,
a'bad vedh-11-12
yashachya-gavi-jta-jata-cd shista-aani-niyojan srujanshilata-aani-sarjanshilata yash-aani-apyash-cd

Faculty included
Kalpana Joshi,
Vishwas Nangare-Patil,
Atul Kulkarni and many more
intersting personalities.

Faculty included
Dr. Abhay Bang,
Nitin Chandrakant Desai,
Subodh Bhave and
many more
interesting personalities.

Faculty included Salil Kulkarni,
Sandeep Khare,
Sucheta Kadethankar, Renuka
Shahane and many more
interesting personalities.

Faculty included
Deepak Ghaisas, Veena Patil,
Amruta Subhash
and many more
interesting personalities.

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Price : 200 Rs.

Price : 200 Rs.

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Price : 200 Rs

Safar sanshodhanachi
Pune Vedh 12
Ghagar te sagar,
Thane Vedh-2012
Swapnanchya Vaatevar
Pune Vedh-2012
safar-sanshodhanachi-cd ghagar-te-sagar-cd swapnachya-vaatevar-cd

Faculty included
Tejas Gupte, Rajdeep Chaterjee,
Priyadarshani Karve,
Ashok Khutwad, Maya Barhanpurkar,
Rohan Shetti

Faculty included
Dr. Yashwant Pathak,
Mansookhbhai Prajapati,
Abhijeet Bansod, Dr. Sandhya Purecha,
Dr. Aswini Bhide, Swapnil Joshi,
Adhik Kadam, Dr Rashmi Karandikar,
Sucheta Kadethankar, Makarand Anaspure,
 Vilasbaba Javal, Kaushal Inamdar

Faculty included
Comnd. Dilip Donde,
Lt. Comnd. Abhilash Tommy,
Rohini Rau, Dr. Krushnamedh Kunte,
Padmashree Shital Mahajan,
Susane Sabriye Tenberken

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Price : 200 Rs.

Price : 200 Rs

Jaganyacha Taal
Thane Vedh-2013
 Vedh 2015
 Pune Vedh 2016
ghagar-te-sagar-cd safar-sanshodhanachi-cd safar-sanshodhanachi-cd
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Price : 200 Rs.

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This is a flagship event of IPH running successfully for more than two decades.
VEDH is a career perspective conference which IPH started organizing way back in 1991.
VEDH Thane will have its its 26th edition in December 2018 . IPH with respective partners now organizes VEDH at Ahmednagar (10yrs), Aurangabad (10yrs) , Nashik (7 yrs), Pune (7 yrs), Latur (7 yrs), kalyan (4 yrs), Pen (3 yrs) and Parbhani (3 yrs).........


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